Thought for the Day


How do you solve an insurmountable problem?
1. Take responsibility. Rarely are people blameless. How did you contribute to the problem?
2. Put things into perspective. Is it really as serious and impossible as it feels?
3. Address your emotions. Acknowledge your feelings and try to understand them.
4. Realize that every problem has a solution. It is the way the universe works.
5. Work toward a solution. What can you do to help yourself. Who else can help and what can they do?
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Our Service

Mediation is an informal process where people work through their disagreements with the support of a neutral party who helps clarify issues, distinguish fact from feeling, and formalize an agreement in a completely confidential forum.


Cottage Mediation Services provides a positive alternative to litigation that may help preserve or protect a relationship and/or reputation. Legal proceedings can be costly on many levels. Our mediators help to restart conversations and aid communication when the conversation/negotiation has become too heated or reached a standstill. Reestablishing communication salvages relationships.


As mediators, we do not take sides, decide who is right or wrong, or issue a binding decision as would an arbitrator or a judge. We promote and facilitate conversations and negotiations between parties in conflict, empowering people to work out their own solutions. Our mediators can be used as a tool to distinguish fact from feeling, define what is agreed upon, and define all the issues in dispute so that they may be systematically addressed.


Cottage Mediation Services, LLC is not a law firm, and no legal advice may be given through this entity. Disputants are urged to seek counsel from a licensed attorney for advice on legal matters.