Thought for the Day


How do you solve an insurmountable problem?
1. Take responsibility. Rarely are people blameless. How did you contribute to the problem?
2. Put things into perspective. Is it really as serious and impossible as it feels?
3. Address your emotions. Acknowledge your feelings and try to understand them.
4. Realize that every problem has a solution. It is the way the universe works.
5. Work toward a solution. What can you do to help yourself. Who else can help and what can they do?
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Cottage Mediation can assist you in resolving any civil or domestic dispute.
Each of our mediators have their own areas of expertise, but our focus is on the interaction of the individuals, not case evaluation. Essentially, if there is a dispute, we can help resolve it.

(Please note that, while we are happy to mediate disputes in other states, our mediators are listed only in Missouri under Supreme Court Rule 17 and 88.  Court sanction of our process outside Missouri must be gained by the litigants themselves.)



Mediations are charged by the hour, with the expense being split equally between the parties. The cost of the first two hours should be paid prior to mediation. Travel expenses will not be required, if the mediation takes place within 50 miles of our Kansas City office. 



Please call 913-638-6350 or email to schedule an appointment.

We do our very best to arrange your mediation as soon as is mutually agreeable to all parties.